my name is Lisasia. I'm a Funeral Celebrant, a story teller, a ceremonialist, and an artist. 

I believe that we become our most deeply rooted selves By committing to honoring what is most sacred, by integrating our deepest and most universal experiences along side one another. I've seen in my own life the ways in which ceremony can be a powerful catalyst for finding wholeness and meaning in this life thing.  

I'm a space holder with an affinity for people and their their stories. I believe story telling is ancient because it's important. Stories help us cope, celebrate, honor, remember, create, play, and connect. To meceremony is the art of story telling, it's using the elements, metaphor, song, and symbols, to tell a story not just heard, but felt. 

I look forward to working together to create a ceremony that nourishes you deeply.