my name is Lisasia. I'm a Funeral Celebrant, a storyteller, a ceremonialist, and artist. 

I've always been attracted to the aspects of our human experience that we avoid talking about. I wanted to know the why of it all. So, I watched.

I found that people are almost always doing the best they can with the resources they have. 

That's when I became curious about those resources. I studied the ways community can hold us. I searched for art and experienced the way it can deliver us back to the truth in our stories. I looked for teachers and sat with them, beginning to understand the way ceremony can restore our faith in the process and bring us peace. 

In all of this I learned that forming a healthy relationship with death and grief is not only possible, but that it has the potential to change our lives for the better. 


I'm passionate about holding space for people by sharing the resources I've gathered along the way. That's why I put my skills as a storyteller to good use and became a Funeral Celebrant.

I now have the privilege of working with bereaved families to create End of Life Celebrations that help them integrate their experience with loss by honoring their loved ones well.