my name is Lisasia. I'm a Funeral Celebrant and Grief Advocate, as well as an artist who engages deeply with the world through mediums such as poetry and photography. 

I am profoundly motivated by the things I love.


I love people, and their stories. I love the magic that is created when the tender parts of our experiences are held in nourishing containers.


I love finding new ways to approach hard subjects, because I believe there's always essential knowledge on the other side of that task.


I love being a support to people. I love curating specialized experiences that allow folks to feel at home in whatever it is they're processing.


And I love creating ceremony around death, because I believe that intentional ceremony has the power to help people experiencing moments of grief to transition through that process in a way that allows them to feel more whole and integrated.


I believe that expressing love for the departed in whatever way feels best is an essential part of that process. Grief is sacred. In order to truly honor someone we must honor their full cycle, each right of passage- first birth, then life, and at last, their final exhale.  


My work is sitting down with families, inquiring about their loved one, as well as their personal beliefs and values, and helping them to create a uniquely tailored end of life ceremony.


Most people who are lost in the throws of grief settle for an ordinary church basement funeral with ham sandwiches, but I know so much more is possible when it comes to honoring the one of a kind life of your loved one.