Funeral Celebrant      Grief Advocate     Ceremonialist

Lisasia Wild 


Each life contains a unique story, may the ways we choose to celebrate the lives of those who've passed on contain just as much color. All walks of life, spiritual beliefs, and identities will be seen and respected here at The Revolving Altar.  

Close Up of Poppies

I will not hide my grief, as I did not hide my love.


"I think the reason the world is a mystical, enchanting place, is because of the cycle of life. My body will decompose, but maybe some little element of it will be transformed into a particle of dirt over years and years-and then a glorious flower will be nurtured by this particle of dirt. Then that flower will nourish a random bumblebee, who in turn will be eaten by a raven. So, in some future life, I'll be able to fly. I look forward to that. I've always admired the freedom of birds.”― E. M. Crane