All walks of life, spiritual beliefs, and identities will be seen and respected here at The Revolving Altar.  My objective is to create a unique and deeply moving end of life ceremony along side you.



  • Receive a Next Steps pamphlet detailing a checklist of essential tasks to be completed after the loss of a loved one. 

  • We get to know one another. I will ask you questions about your loved one so that I can come to understand a bit about you and what it is you value most during this transitional time. 

  • We discuss available options. This does not have to be a traditional service, or it can be as traditional as you want it to be. The possibilities are endless.

Notebook and Pen

Ceremonial Services 

We work together to create a unique ceremony from start to finish by:

  • Discussing the key note speech as well as special passages, or other words of wisdom. [I am available to provide custom writing, including an obituary/other announcements, as well as delivering them on the day of services.] 

  • Creating a personalized memorial 

  • Putting together a special funeral card

  • Adding any other special touches to the ceremony by exploring traditional or non-traditional practices. The sky is the limit.

Memorial Candle

Grief Advocacy 

This is a big moment. No one finds themselves in the throws of loss with a perfect understanding of how to cope and continue on. Everyone deserves compassionate space holding during a moment as big as this. I am available for individual or group sessions where I listen and provide resources on how to navigate grief.

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