How do we bear the unbearable? 


How do we find the bravery to grieve and the honor to celebrate?

As a Celebrant, my goal is to assist you in creating a custom end of life ceremony that does justice to the memory of your loved one. This ceremony will hold space for grieving, but also for celebrating your loved one in the deepest way possible. A candle lit in the dark may chase away the shadows. A candle lit at dusk may be a warm beckoning for the darkness to arrive. Remembering our loved ones for their soul's spark can be like that, something that beckons grief at times, and something that soothes it just the same. 

Your loved one left a legacy. They made a mark on the world just as unique as their thumbprint. Their personality, their most deeply held values, and each story that precedes them becomes the heart map we may look to when it comes time to honor them, to celebrate them, and most importantly, to remember them, so that we may carry them with us until it's our time to rest. 

"I will not hide my grief, as I did not hide my love."